What’s the Matter?


The Matter Collaborative is a project inspired by the issues we face today, and the role of discussion and collaboration to understand and overcome them. 


It is a platform that allows people to confront topics that matter the most, through a network of ideas and multifaceted conversations. In a time of ideological confrontation and frustration, we seek to create a platform to understand and ultimately overcome difference. We believe that conversation is key to mutual understanding and building empathy. 


The design represents a blank canvas, making the content the main focus. Submissions do not have to fall in any particular category. The platform changes over time reflecting its content, rather than trying to shape the content to the ends of the platform. Ultimately, the Matter seeks to forge a place for new and informed perspectives, and create a fully open space for discussing them.


The Matter welcomes submissions on all topics, in all fields and formats. We also encourage submitted responses to our published content, in the sprit of fostering discussion and balanced perspectives. 


Please send your submissions to: submissions@themattercollective.com



To get involved, contact us